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11:15 p.m. - 2008-03-17
plans. planned. planning.
my throat is sore. babygirl isn't 100% better yet.. coughing fits tonight and she was fevered when I went in to check on her just now..Im worried. I gave her childrens midol and put her back to bed.. I havent heard a peep, so I hope shes sleeping soundly now..

Its hard to get a sleepy kid to take medicine..

A lot of things about raising a kid are surprisingly hard.

Her puffer makes her SUPER irritable.. like incoherant scream angry.. its scary, she turns into this demon child.

I hope thats not what she will be like when she's two..

in other lackofnews: he is leaving me entirely alone. After the few msgs on facebook, nothing.

yeah. Im getting a little paranoid. But giddy at the same time. Ive already had two dreams about OTHER BOYS. First time in THREE YEARS, and my completely and utterly suppressed imagination is definitely running wild, as they were AMAZING in all ways..
I also dreamed of wearing a ring. and being generally happy, despite an appearance in one dream, less than thrilled, but he kept his distance as much as he used to when we were just friends..

seems like a lifetime ago. well it was, babygirl's lifetime.

Im excited to fall in love with someone I can introduce to my family without being terrified of the outcome.

I hope I dont get too sick. i want to do things this weekend.



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