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8:19 a.m. - 2008-05-07
the belle of this guy's life

only a chance of showers, so Im still biking it to work.. Im going to try to stick to it.. every single day.
an hour of endurance five days a week should do me good right..

I hope so. I want to look different for your party..

Stapler is moving into her own apartment, Im giving her all of our empty boxes because she might be moving as soon as thursday and taking two kids under five with her..
Ive been waiting for this news since she started texted a 'secret boyfriend' at work....
I dont feel bad for her, just her kids.. I dont know the reason why she's moving exactly but Im sure it has something to do with the secret boyfriend.. although Im sure shes not leaving her husband just because of him...

At least I didnt marry P. Or buy a house with him. Significant more mess...

ugh, I hate work. Im so glad I can go to class in the morning.. but it makes caring about my work pretty hard..

If I get as big of a return as I hope from my taxes Im going to buy a new computer. Then we can bring this one back and mom can stop thinking she owes her boss her soul. woop.

Alrighty, Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment is playing on the radio (no clock down here and my phone is upstairs, so the radio is my only option for time) Speg sauce is almost made for supper tonight and I should go shower before I bike, didnt yesterday, ran out of time somehow.. i blame dland heh.

wordwhore was online yesterday at this time too..

heh i miss the black layout, but I like the online/recent entries thing, sooo easy to find new diaries.. which would be why I was later yesterday.

k im going.

have a good hump day

ps. C - Im still looking for your tattoo and probably wont stop until I find it. :D I'll let you know when I do.

pps. M - make time go faster! I want to be setting up my tent at T's place right now.. thats my second favourite moment of the party.. my first of course is saturday morning heh. cuz Im weird and I like the morning after..



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