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9:03 a.m. - 2008-05-08
one of the original rash causing infections discovered..
Mom is going batshit crazy... (We're in BAT COUNTRY.. or something like that, you know fear and loathing in Las Vegas?) hmm i read that too much and now it doesnt look right.. las vegas? weird.

anyways, mom's work is making her nuts. well technically its her batshit crazy boss, who really is crazy.

She refuses to hire a techie, dispite the fact that their internet / systems continually crash, to the point that their computers themselves crash..

and naturally, an office without computing ability is a useless place..

BUT she sits on her ass and wrings her hands and calls VOLUNTEERS to come in and fix it.. you know, when they arent busy, so in about 3 weeks..

And Mom can't pull herself out of a funk without some heavy duty indulging hense the alcoholism (past not present) currently she's addicted to food, which as Ive tried to explain to people at work is a LOT harder addiction to break that ANYTHING else, other than say WATER.. because you cant just cut it out of your life, and never go to grocery stores or places that sell food, because EVERYWHERE does.. and you need it to live..
and it can kill you, just like smoking.. or any other addiction.. the only motivation is that its not socially acceptable to be fat.. and really, thats not much of a deterrant in your own home..

speaking of being fat and deterrants.. wbefore I moved to hamilton, i was sitting in front of this girl.. and she has been getting skinnier and skinnier since Ive worked there.. so over the past six years she's probably lost 60 lbs.. now, this girl WAS sayy.. jennifer connelly in dark city size... so imagine jennifer connelly size in that movie losing 60-70 lbs..

yeah shes a walking skeleton now.. literally it looks like it hurts her to walk... and I can see her skeleton as if she has no muscles or skin.. its just there.. anyways THIS is the girl sitting in front of me now.. and I usually go downstairs and get something to eat around 2pm.. looks like thats not going to happen.. because Im supersuper selfconscious(sp) around her.. because she did lose all that weight and she probably thinks Im lazy..

ugh Im late again dammit.. ah well.. Ive been too busy at work to study for my science test so I just keep getting farther behind in that, but Im almost done the first unit in math, and there's only five units for that course..

I should prolly go, it still takes me 20min to get to school, although I only started this a week ago and at the beginning it took me 35min, so progress has been made, still takes me about 30 min to get from work home again.. i think that has to do with total lack of energy..

btw, i think julianne has fifth disease. look it up mofo, its not fatal or anything, its just another kid illness that gives her a weird rash..

mmm viral infections..



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