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8:11 a.m. - 2008-05-21
havent got it spent yet. gimme two weeks.
Im pretty sure they play the same song every other morning.. good thing it makes me moooove otherwise Id be irritated..

put up your hands say I dont wanna be in love i dont wanna be in love..

ashley texted me from her new cell number last night. and my phone showed her name. before i programmed it to. my phone is awesome. too bad its 1000 years old.

I dropped it much like I dropped the Ipod, so Im thinking that its not going to survive..

I GOT MY TAX RETURN. So now the bank will stop calling me for the $400 i owe them in back payments. and I can get new SHOES so maybe biking will be easier..

Ive got a little over 1000, but I need NEED to go to an optomitrist of somekind.. im thinking of abandoning the one Ive gone to all my life..

there are so many MUCH cheaper places to get an eye exam.. that I wont have to take a $35 cab ride to get to..

k gotta go shower so I dont miss the bus, because my bike is at work as it rained last night and biking in the rain just plain SUCKS. like really really.


is it time for your party yet??? gah.



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