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8:57 a.m. - 2008-06-06
hiss!! evil sun!!
ugghh.. weddings.

ok, we're ALL going to be super hung over for that wedding shower.. :(

and smelling like smoke.. :(

I'll have to make sure I wear my waterproof mascara.. that shit never somes off and only sort of smudges, so then it looks like I put timeinto making that 'smoky' effect, when actually its just mascara i put on the day before.. haha

and we're supposed to have presents right?? ugh im so terrible at this wedding stuff..
definitely didnt pay attention when I was younger and went to all my cousins various showers and partys..

hmm how are we going to get to stmarys?? i hate not having wheels...

well, not really 'hate'.. I just dont like being back to pre-17 life when I have to plan my every move..

there is SO much work piling up on my desk (in my work'in'progress specifically) aaand I might have atotally new job when I go in today... so I have NO idea how Im going to get all this work done before I have to pack up my crap and move over to the new desk possibly tonight..

I dont want to leave it until monday.. cuz I dont have training planned for this job, which is AWESOME, its reports and contacting the outsourcers and PBOs all on the phone and over email and I DONT HAVE ANY TRAINING in that sort of thing.. I stutter on the phone like MAD and I screw up messages.. ugh.. not looking froward to that part..

maybe I wont even get it.. who knows..

all this stress and worry over nothing..

and Im part of a tracking project with one of the team leaders, so I dont know how thats going to work too when I switch departments.. I'll prolly keep doing it for S.. just for June.

Im still behind in school.. although I might beable to get this test done (the muscle systems, ugh, worse then skeletal by FAR.. there are SO many muscles and they all have names and youve never heard ANY of the proper names for any of them in your whole life) aaand after that test I prepare for the cumulitive test for the first three chapters, then I bust my ass to get the next three done by the end of june.. maybe.. hopefully..

I want to get this bio one done and the math one too, so I can start chem when class resumes in sept..

I dont think im going to keep that schedual..

fuck its hot..

mm frozen brownies before 930am.. this is what hormones make lovely.. haha, yeah Im on painkillers cuz if i stop taking them I curl into a ball and puke and its not pretty..

havent heard back from L about the doctors appointment.. i fucking hope she got there this week.. otherwise, next week you know what happens?? I call her doc and I MAKE THE APPOINTMENT, then I call her mom and I tell her whats going on.

I know it sucks but FUCK you are going to HAVE A BABY, you have to be responsible, even if you are going to give it up for adoption..

ugh, i hate having to be a bitch but Im sososo worried about the babe..

so i sent her a pretty monotone message, Im going to save the threats for when I know if she has gotten to the doc or not...

poor defenseless baby..

and every day she waits .. her parents are going to be more and more pissed..

at this point I dont know if her mom is going to be on her side or not..

luckily shes been too broke since last fall to be a heavy drinker... she doesnt do drugs..

k i have to stop thinking about this and just go get ready for work..

and put up tin foil on the windows.. the sun is getting [email protected]!



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