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8:44 a.m. - 2008-06-12
when im with you, my head hurts
sooo WebMD says I have bronchitis.(sp)

sweet. It also says doctors can do nothing. which is good, because that was the last place I wanted to go (exactly how WOULD I get to Milverton without a car??)

hmmm not much else is new. They still havent told me about that job. So I applied to three other ones. Mostly because I dont have to do another interview (she will just use the notes she has from the other one) so its super easy to apply.

Imagine if I didnt have a restless leg, how fat I would be??

Kind of scary to picture, so dont.

Oooh and all this coughing is really good for my abs haha I try to remember that when I cant breathe because I cant stop coughing..

alright IM going to go have a hot shower, because that is supposed to help losing the crap hanging out in my bronchii..

the radio people are talking about the percentage of the population that has crashed a golf cart.. my brother crashed into a tree once, with me in the cart.. I got a concussion, woot!

I was about 10 yrs old. needless to say I didnt get into another motor vehicle with him until last year? sometime recently..

oh brothers.

k im going.



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