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8:44 a.m. - 2008-06-18
made you a promise I'll never forget
yeah Im going to start calling lawyers today, Mom's carpooling with some guy (random announcement last night) but that means I have a car, so I can get to and from super fast and will have an extra twentyish min to make the calls..

AND mom told me that I probably wont have to step foot in a courtroom! I just give all the info to the lawyer, they tell me what will likely happen and they do it for me!! I was worried I would have to buy new clothes to go to court in and sit near P with him glaring at me.. yeah. I might not have to worry about that anymore..

ohoh and julianne's schedual got totally fucked up last night..

mom was working away at her second job and lost track of time...
meanwhile Im at home staring at the phone wondering if I should call....
so she got juli home by 9:15pm.. she normally goes to bed at 8:15, so she was totally exhausted.. and then through the night, her mouth was bleeding from teething (this last round has been BRUTAL, she cries, I get up, go into her room and I smell blood, just from her breath)
so I gave her babiesadvil and spread a fuzzy blanket under her (it was FREEZING last night, we had to turn on the heat again ugh) and tossed three more blankets on her and finally got her back to sleep... and four hours later did it all over again. and again four hours later..

poor girl...

'Honey we're all going through hard times. You're giving up your future. Im giving up my Schnapps.'

WASEF sounds really awesome for him.. i wish i could go to inuvik for work...

ugh, i can't imagine how angry I would be with the guy above you that cause all this flooding insanity...i hope he flooded his own condo WAY WORSE, and that he's going through really stressful times too.. cuz I would be (and am) totally bitter like that..

heh i keep having to explain to my mom how you aren't a normal army wife and you both are keeping your lives normal and stuff, she's got almost a prejudice against army people because of her asshole sister.. I keep having to explain to her that she's wrong..

hmm yeah my mom and I really dont have great communication skills, we both get SUPER defensive when the other one contradicts us...(I think its from having relationships with assholes that attack us without cause) but its always over tiny things that dont matter... (shit on the news, or gossip about our friends) and its only because we're both a little stressed out right now.. (at least I hope, but then again, its not going away anytime soon)

mom FINALLY put in her notice at her batshitcrazy job.. so in two weeks, that will be gone.. but then she will be working two parttime jobs, that only equal about three days a week of fulltime.. so she will be stressing about finding more work..

I'll be happy that I wont have to worry about getting a call from her from jail when she's snapped and killed her boss...

hmmm Jenna is coming to visit me on Friday! Ive taken the day off of work, because Ive got too much going on and I havent seen Jenna in over three years.. and she's never met Julianne.. so. thats that. and that way, if I get ahold of a lawyer I can make an appointment on friday afternoon...

ok now its ten to ten and Ive had a shower and I should be going to schoooool
I did go on friday by the way, my teacher talked to me about how much school Ive been missing and asked me if everything was ok and I have made a deal with myself that Im not going to miss any more school for at least four weeks..

althought Im pretty fucking late today ugh...

BUT ok I have to explain something, when Im in the shower I kind of let my mind wander whereever it wants to go while I do my thing, and this time it took me to the party and I was BITCHING out alex for treating me like shit and not being a good friend..


k now my mac and cheese is sizzling.. maybe I shouldnt eat it.. hmm freezer!

mmmm, k not off to school



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