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8:43 a.m. - 2008-06-23
one more try..
heh, you saved my saturday night from being so terribly boring that I cried..


Im REALLY excited about my day off on friday the eleventh now...

its gonna be funnn..

k im writing this to say i may not be updating as much this week, cuz I have to MAKE the lawyers take me seriously... and apaprently that takes actually going IN TO THEIR OFFICES.. which is going to suck a whole bunch.. but hopefully I can get it done over the next few days.. so Im going to school today and Im goiong to be late (as per usual, ugh) BUT Im going to have a little chat with my teacher and maybe take the rest of the week off, so I can make a nuisence(sp) of myself to force one of these outrageously paid people to probono my case..

yes.. I LOVE selling myself..(sarcasm)

I suppose I could pull the whole ragaholic card and tell them Im pretty terrified of what will happen with each passing day that I dont have the law behind me.. which is true..

because there has been NO contact whatsoever for over a week now...

I just keep praying that his dad is on my side and hasnt told him that legally we are equal..

so have a good week..

(if i get a lawyer soon, i will update mmk..)

also my new lenses for my glasses should be here sometime this week (SO I CAN FINALLY SEE!!) so I will have to walk over there at some point..


also, started the pills. 14 days worth. I feel ok. Little nauseus(sp) but my cough makes me queasy anywya so its hard to tell. Im hiding them from mom. I know this is terrible. but its better than sticking my finger down my throat.

and just not eating is not an option.

Im trying to kickstart this.

and I dance around the living room with the curtains drawn until I collapse in a coughing fit.. 20min or so..

Im trying, really I am.

Tipping point officially reached. Im GOING to be pretty goddamn it. I havent got a scale yet. Im hoping this weekend I can steal the car and go get one..

any motivation I can get..



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