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8:21 a.m. - 2008-06-30
the taste of her cherry chapstick
haha ok, yes, I got the job I originally applied for.. it took them two weeks to decide if I got it, and another week after I signed the papers for them to actually announce it.. so I got sick of waiting and just gave up, and then they suddenly announced it. and then I was really busy and forgot who knew and who didnt..

and Im trying to forget this part but I want to record it somewhere so I guess here is as good as a random bit of paper in my room...

When they announced it, my manager said that they would be replacing me with 'another 3'.. which means an A03. AND IM AN A02. So they 'didnt have room in the budget' to pay ME as an A03, but they have room magically to HIRE a new 3??


Im so glad that Im not a lifer there..

because geezus h christ there is SO MUCH shit, and it seems they are blaming it on budgets when that is OBVIOUSLY not the reason..

But they can pay people that dont do a three job, because they had some homelife stress OVER A YEAR AGO.. and since they are living happily ever after with their husband and GUSH about how wonderful he is almost DAILY, Im thinking the homelife stress is OVER and maybe they should at least think about asking this woman to do her FUCKING JOB that she is getting the $$$$$ for..

ugh, it doesnt help that I sit near her and listen to her inane babble..

ANYWAYS, yes I got the job, and its going to pay me about 3000 more a year, so that bumps me up to 25,050 a year!! hoooooly shiiiit thats a little ABOVE the poverty line!!!!

Amazing, you would think the bank would GO UNDER paying people this much..

fuuuuck.. what a terrible horrible place..

THANK GOD Im getting out!!

ok enough of that, I still have to go there for the next 14 months..

So today is my last day in my department, on wednesday I move (officially) to Funding Support. so on Wednesday I will be figuring out how the phone works so I might call AVW..

And then on thursday, I might call you, depending on how busy I am.. or I might have to wait until next week when Im not being trained..

I dunno. BUT I will call you at some point before you get on a plane to come here..

in other news.. my mom is officially done at her terrible job at the end of the work day on tuesday, which is awesome, although hearing some of the naysaying from my Gramma (to whom my mom owes car payments every month) I understand why she stayed in this shitacular job for so long, Gramma was stressing her out..

Ok so Mom is not taking a holiday for July 1st due to the fact that we might have TB...

She has seen the Doctor twice, and twice he has given her a 'miracle cure' (his exact words) Steroids and anticough meds, and now antibiotics. She had a chest xray and heard nothing back about that, and shes still coughing up phlegm and blood and having to wear adult diapers because the force of the cough makes her pee..
Her throat is so sore that her mouth is inflammed..

And this is with the steroid puffers (same as asthmatic people) the anticough drugs, and the antibiotics.


Its freaking me right the fuck out.. but Im trying not to show it..

And the only difference between her symptoms and mine, I dont cough blood, lots and lots of phlegm but no blood. And I dont pee when I cough.

My mouth feels like its too small for my tongue, its sore and swollen. my throat is sore, and Im coughing, though not as often nor as hard as momma.

Oh and Mom also spikes fevers regularily, while I only get them once or twice a week.

Juli had one fever last week and has a rattly cough. But her appetite is fine, so theres nothing going on with her mouth/throat.

Im pretty afraid its TB, and if it is, the fucking DOCTOR is getting an earful.. fuck man, you should know by now that attempting to fool my mother into thinking she's well to get the placebos working DOESNT WORK, because shes not a hypochondriac and when she comes to you shes DEATHLY ILL.. fucking doctors, they dont understand what it is to be POOR and shelling out $20 for a prescription means that someone in the household goes without something..

And we're thinking its TB, because that would explain why Juli isnt deathly ill, because she's had the vaccine..

So needless to say, after reading up on it, Im not contagious unless I sneeze or cough directly in your face and thats only after Ive had symptoms for 3-6 weeks.. I dont know, but I hope Im not passing this on.. I sanitize my hands at work all the time, and I cough or sneeze into kleenexs.. *shrugs.. nothing I can do about it yet..

Ugh, Im going to try to get to the doctor this week.. sometime..

"Before the Industrial Revolution, tuberculosis may sometimes have been regarded as vampirism. When one member of a family died from it, the other members that were infected would lose their health slowly. People believed that this was caused by the original victim draining the life from the other family members. Furthermore, people who had TB exhibited symptoms similar to what people considered to be vampire traits. People with TB often have symptoms such as red, swollen eyes (which also creates a sensitivity to bright light), pale skin and coughing blood, suggesting the idea that the only way for the afflicted to replenish this loss of blood was by sucking blood."

So do you think D+M will be like Dave and Kristin? aw i hope for the little girls sake it works out ok..
yeah moving in together is a LOT of work.... and compromise, or it doesnt work..

I think you will be perfectly happy in a one horse town in rural manitoba :D And I imagine its very VERY appealing to move out of that condo after all this flood insanity...

woahhh i love that I kissed a girl and I liked it song...

goddamn i cant wait until i can put a sound card in this damn thing so I can make some freakin mixed cds again..



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