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9:57 a.m. - 2008-07-11
Just put Juli in a car to leave me for three days.

Im seriously going to have to drink like a fish this weekend and smoke like a chimney..

I cant fucking handle this..

Aaand guess what Linda's status on facebook is???

yeah so Patrick knows.

BUT I have another appointment with the lawyer next Friday. I could have made it sooner, but I like to pretend that I actually make it toschool.. when the truth is I hardly ever make it.. mostly for 45 min. out of two hours. yeah I suck.

I don't know, amybe it will be easier when I have the car..BUT I feel so fat and lazy when I dont walk/bike to work!!

Next year Im walkin out to Tias' farm.

Oohohoh by the way, Ive lost 20 lbs so far. At least. I mean after I weighed in at 293 I stopped looking, so I might have weighed more before I took my car off the road..

ok Im going to have a shower, because I have to get to the glasses place by 11 and Im hoping you will call me soooon..

so excited for this weekend, its goint o be a shit show..


I need one of those!!



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