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5:01 p.m. - 2008-07-26
Im sorry, profusely.

Ive been wanting to update, but mom was out of work for well, almost all of the past three weeks and has pretty much been giving her and ME an ulcer about it so she took over the computer..

now she has three jobs, so I might be able to wrench it out of her hands for a bit..

also, she's taking care of juli every single night now, because we have no vehicle to get julianne out to lindas, so thats sorta stressing her out..

ok I cant update right now tho because LOOK AT THE TIME, julianne went to bed for her nap THREE AND A HALF hours ago and man, her room is going to be a disaster zone by the time I get up there..

sooo I have a LOT of stories and yes I will get to it *hopefully* tonight..

also: all you have to do is ask me to update.. Ive been a member of this dland thing for years, I dont think I could abandon it ever..

ok i just heard a HUGE bang come from herroom



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