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9:46 p.m. - 2008-07-30
feliz navidad
So Juli's room was a HUGE mess... she goteverything into her bed with her, pillows blankets clothes slippers stuffed animals everything...

its become a routine, if I dont get in there and get her up in 15min after she wakes up she start gathering everything like shes freezing to death..

I got the ROOF pay't so suddenly Im rich.. so I bought some easy-ups for Juli, because shes REALLY interested in her potty and in taking off her diaper, and in the once-upon-a-potty book we got from the library (Im ordering a copy of the internets for her to keep/destroy) Im not sure if she's physically ready for potty training, but, man this might be the weekend!

Alright I'll try to start at the beginning...

ok after you dropped me off at my house, that friday of your party, I called jen and she said ok I have a bunch of stuff to do but I should be ready by four... I called again at 4:20, she said ok Ive got the errands done but I still have to pack the car and pack a bag, Im going to be at least an hour. ok. so I call her again at 6:00... ok Im just jumping in the shower which sounds horrible I know but Im really hot and sweaty and I just need to shower. and I said ok Jen listen, this isnt a big deal, but I really want to get there before dark because I HATEHATEHATE setting up a tent in the dark and she says oh no worries I wont be that long.. soooo at 7:30? Im not sure about the timing anymore, but I was getting pretty frustrated... I think my frustration was mostly because Iam not used to having to depend on other people for a ride and I hate that, and I wanted soooo bad to help you set up the checkers and stuff, I felt like Id wasted hours of my day (which I did) but I didnt like the idea of leaving jen to pick up my stuff, basically I dont trust people when it comes to my stuff.. I like to know where it is.

Anyway, it was frustrating at the time, but I KNOW that Jen is like that and I expected it to be like that, but I was still frustrated, because I really didnt want it to turn out that way...

ah well, i got drunk and stoned and then made myself puke and had to lie down, and literally couldnt get up and THANKYOU for the water omg.. so Im lying on the couch and patrick comes over and he's soooo lucky I was physically unable to get up cuz I woulda just left, but I COULDNT, so I laid there and I couldnt even talk, so I just listened to him spill the whole story about Lisa and about meeting his destiny and finding out that he didnt want her at all... and telling me that he knew that he had screwed up horribly and that he knew that he had less then a chance to get back together with me and make a family again.. and he wasnt asking me to do that.. he just wanted me to know that he was sorry..

and yeah we had sex, thats pretty much a given, cuz I have no willpower and I was FUCKED.. so thats what happens..

and Mark knew we were 'makin party babies' cuz he asked pat..

patrick didnt ruin my nights, I just wish we could have worked through that stuff faster and that I wasnt soooo wasted on friday haha should NOT have smoked that joint with Nasho.. never again meghan, or at least never again while Im hammered to begin with..

so saturday, we talked about us and I told him that I really wanted him to go into therapy because I want him to figure out why it took him soooo long to figure out how horrible he was to me..

so yeah, since then? well, on sunday we did more of the pretend the last two years didnt exist, and I was exhausted and hung over, so I said yes to siting on his couch watching a movie..

.. that wednesday, he called and asked if Juli and I needed a ride to the sitter, and I said yes, becaise it was pouring and we did.

that friday, I had a meeting with the lawyer and handed in my financial statement.. and her assistant drew up the court papers. and each of us will be mailed a copy fo them, so in theory I will know when patrick gets his because I will get mine the same day... at least thats what Im going on..

last friday (day it opened) we saw The Dark Knight.. good movie, we saw Alex and Michelle there, weird, same theater and everything..

since then? I dunno, Ive been floating in a pretend nothing is wrong place.. waiting for the court docs to slam me back into reality.. also, Ive been DROWNING at work.. ugh.. the reports are easy, but there are sooo many and they are HUGE because they are backlogged from the month after amanda left and before I started... and even before amanda left my team leader was asking for another person in her unit..

so theres a LOT of work... and this week I started doing help desk calls...

ok so the branch has a question or a problem with a mortgage, they call the Support Desk, which talk to them for a bit and figure out what file number and what unit etc, and whatever questions they cant answer, they send over a CRS call, which means that I login to a website under my unit and it pulls up any pending call, I hit activate on a pending call and it disappears from pending into MY active calls. I pull up the file, read the notes and action the call. Which means I spend about 20 minutes calling people and sounding foolish until I understand what the hell Im talking about, then I call the branch back and answer their question.

I have two hours to action a call after it hits pending, and each call is timed.

I have to check that every 1/2 hour.

I have to do a mail run, and count mail every hour.

I have Four reports, two of which I send memos to the branch, one of which I email the branch, and one of which I pull things like worksheets and posting journals from the vault (downstairs far faaar away from my phone)

So when I get there in the morning, I get the mail sort the mail count the mail pass it out. get my wip (work in progress), go through and pull out the reports, set them in my organizer in order of importance, and go through the other odds and ends in my WIP checking on the system, making sure I havent missed anything important that I just shoved in there late last night..

THEN I open my email.. and deal with however many emails I got back from the branch (OR email Jen/Amy/Meghan back!! woo best part of the day!!) and action the emails.. action anything from my Team Leader (oh yay another report!)
aaand then I open the CSR Calls site... this is usually TWO HOURS afterI get there...

so there is always at least two calls in the pending.. by the itme I do those, its time to get mail again.. so pretty much my reports sit until 6, when I dont have to do CRS calls anymore (6pm is the cut off time, as most of the country is closed by then, so you will just be leaving messages and not being very efficient with the questions)

and EVERY SINGLE DAY is like that.. I run and run and run alllll day long, and Im sooo far behind on every thing..

Right now, I should be doing homework so I can get this godforsaken math unit done before the end of the week, but Ive already decided that Im coming in to class on Friday. I just have to make sure there is class on Friday.

I cannot WAIIIIT until Im a nurse and I dont have to call stupid branch people that dont understand the word PROVINCE or ALBERTA.

seriously, how do you get a job in a BANK, when you can't speak english well enough to post a letter?

hahahah nikki just called, im going out and getting a box of condoms for the bachlorette... hehe its totally not as bad as it sounds.. we're making a scavenger hunt for Ashley and this side hunt for everyone.. you have to trade the condom to a boy for something interesting, and if you cant take that interesting thing with you, (like you get a kiss or something) you need a picture of it as it happens as proof..... hehhehe dude we should totally have pretend bachlorettes they are sooo much fun to plan!!

wait, I think they are called 'girls night out' arent they? well then, we should have more of those.. haha.

I should try to go through Michelles till! hahaha

ok, hows that for an update?

btw biking is awesome and it beats the hell out of walking..

winter is going to be hard, but if I save this small fortune I have I will be able to get my butt to the 1/2 hour workout place by sobeys...

how sad is it that $500 seems like a fortune..

I have to go to bed now, cuz Im sick again (literally came back in 24 hours) and Im back to the coughing and shit.. so Im thinking about smoking a shitton this weekend and curing it again that way.. hehe..

only a few short weeks until the wedding...



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