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11:55 p.m. - 2008-08-28
no pictures of my ankle tonight, eh, fuck it. I'll do it tomorrow.

I not fucking kidding around this time. Im getting to the Y and getting in a goddamned pool. As soon as my ankle can handle it and I get some swim shorts and a random Tshirt.

After looking at the bachelorette pictures and realizing that the person I have become is so NOT who I am in my head, its no wonder I dont recognize myself in pictures..

and I figure, swimming will be easier on my ankle than biking, and really, how much longer can I bike for? I can swim for the rest of my life. No matter what school I get in to.

And why swimming? Well, I do feel like abeached whale, but its the ONLY excersize Ive ever enjoyed fully and completely, and will continue to do. and could do every day (as long as they are open)

so, Im going to bed because my one leg is juumping and giving me a headache and the otehr is aching..

think of me the next time you bound up a flight of stairs.

No joking around this year. Its for keeps, i feel it in my bones.



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