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11:04 p.m. - 2008-09-02
need to not be injured..
I've lost 190 lbs over 5 took longer than that to put it on. The first thing I did was to leave something on my plate. I drank more water and continued to eat whatever I wanted, just in smaller portions. One less piece of fried chicken, don't eat the whole whopper (make sure you order it with less mayo) don't be afraid to leave those french fries till last, they get cold and it's easier to leave them on the plate. I did watch my fat intake and walk further each time. I parked a few spaces away from the store each time I shopped, took the last space in the lot by the time I was in my 2nd year. After a while you will find yourself not ordering the fat meal, and automatically eating smaller portions or substituting salads and baked potatoes instead of fries each time. Realistically, it's a lot easier to lose a few pounds so make that your goal instead of trying to lose 40 or 50 lbs. Go for the 5 and then another 10 maybe. Just remember the sooner you start the sooner you'll lose and if you fall off it doesn't matter because you aren't dieting you're learning to eat smarter, you're not working out you're just adding a few steps. Most of all keep in mind you're not doing it for anyone else, you're doing it for yourself.

My mom is on board. woot. now I just have to heal this goddamned ankle....

it looks really ugly..

my toes are purply and mangled looking, they dont hurt, but i dont touch them..

my skin is gross, it wouldnt surprise me if it peeled...

he's making me insane, he wants a receipt for money he didnt give me. $200 worth.

um how about fuck off? how's that instead of a receipt?



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