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12:44 a.m. - 2008-09-10
hah who am i kidding, im going to find you..
Im not nearly close to being mad at you, Im sad we didn't get time to really hangout, but dude Julianne was soo hyper on Sunday, no one really got to spend time with her

geeesus the soap mom bought is making me sneezze for 45 min now.. time to take another reactine before i blow my brain out..

my ankle is ITCHY. which is good. but shitson, its annoying, between the achoooo's and the scratching Im about to slam my head in a wall..

i was just reading some reviews that %diary%amazinfuckup%diary% wrote and she would haaate this diary.. hehe..

thats ok, i still adore her.even though shes young and a real asshole..

I can walk around normally, I dont, I wear the aircast still, because when you have a two year old, walking isnt normal, you are jumping and lunge-ing and sprinting and bouncing..

ugh im never using that soap again.. Im going to have to have a smoke before I go to bed to get the smell off..

work fucking blows. I found out today that I am TECHNICALLY the only person doing eight reports. Which is fine, but fuck, donthire someone into a group when its really just one person.. I thought I had two other people, nope not so much.. I have suggested some things to help smooth this out tho, apparently we are having a meeting soemtime this week.. doubt it, but we'll see..

theres a lot more to write, a lot more in my head.

I might, may, possibly, be able to say no to Patrick, but we'll see if he's bluffing.

I really dont believe his anger and sexual frustration is going to be THIS easy to get rid of..

aaand Kris and Dave gave me their car for a while (to the end of November) just so I have a hope in hell of finishing this schooling..

I might actually make it to school tomorrow, on time! Kristin told me of a place to park that is quick to walk to.. and doesnt cost me $4 to park at.

ok my whole face is getting itchy, im taking another reactine and having a smoooke and going to bed..

oooh.. you know what I realized going to sleep in kris and daves house? I fucking feel at home there. I don't feel judged at ALL, like AT ALL. Its an amazing feeling. I can say Im going for a smoke, and go have one, and have someone else come with me. I can dicipline my kid and no one looks awkwardly away. I can have a rye and coke and not feel like a criminal, I can get drunk on their back porch and not feel guilty, because they have kids and they know I can snap to it, if I have to.

fuck man, I want EVERYONE to have babies! Im so impatient to get to the next level of friendship with everyone. fuck just grow up already.

oh and Dave was pretty hammered, so we had some good conversation. We missed josh something fierce tho..

the three of us.. heh.. its so weird to look back on that now.. Im so busy now, and then, I updated here like 5 itmes a day..

...hmm an old friend just popped into my head.. fuck i wonder how he's doing? I dropped off the face of the earth from his point of view.. I should msg him, if hes even on livejournal..

NO, to BED!



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