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1:51 a.m. - 2009-01-01
allo love,

miss you like yopu wouldnl;y believe..

can you believe that Im amking friends? we;;. well. one friend, on beautiful boy who;s not the one, but fuugkdl;angmksl;angks

love him. an yways. his real name is andrew. but no one here calls him that loveUn, thats his last name?>

doesnt matter.

gemma nd him are playing guitar hero, he has LOTS of tattoos, and smokes, and is totally NOT good, but hes... pretty, in a GAGEN kind of way, but I DONT CARE because it doesnt matter, because nothing will happen

im so happy to be far far faaar away from everyone but I miss you and kris and cj and dave and alex.. in that order. yeah.

but i miss the alex before michelle.

you knwo what I mean.

fuck it. im drunk. and i want another smoke..




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