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11:04 p.m. - 2010-09-28
I feel better. A shower does wonders. Negative ions pulling at my skin. I'm debating putting in dreds before I go back to the Bank.

this girl always adds an entry, whenver Im on here. I see her name over there and I have to click on it. so I'm adding her to my list. She gets fucked up all the time, and I miss that more than anything in the world. Not that I ever really did get fucked up on a regular basis. Except maybe 2003. geez. this girl was prolly still in grade school then.. AH WELL. I live through my facebook 'friends' and all their crazy pictures and stupid mouths.. might as well add some ruckus from diaryland to that..

Might keep me from staring at the bottles above my cupboard. Or maybe Gen will just get a little more wasted.

I just pinned two scenes together, and found out how the demon gets in. Gen burns her house down. heh. Thats backwards and totally wrong way to describe it.

this lying for fun and profit thing? yeah I could get used to it. AND did you know that I could get a $2500 advance?! on my first book?! How fucking sweet is that??

My goal, is of course to finish this mofo book. And then? and agent. and then? published. and then? be able to feed and clothe and shelter and provide for my kids. and then? buy a pack of smokes and good coffee for me, you know, more than once a month.

yeah. in five years. I pushed it up from ten, because I really can write better than that crazy meyers chick. And all my report cards from grade school say I am a good writer (haha). Oh and Gen won't shutthefuckup anymore. Kinda helps when your character becomes an imaginary friend, that you know everything about..

Fun! k back to writing about Gen's burning house.. and the incubus that's tailing her... wee!

OH and I found $40 while going through my memory boxes!! I'm buying a lottery ticket tomorrow.. really.



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