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9:48 p.m. - 2010-10-11
you can't organize clutter !! you can only get rid of it.
What's Your "FLY - Q"?

Answer the following questions:

1. I can do anything...

a. If they pay me enough.
b. For chocolate.
c. And I will, too, eventually.
d. For 15 minutes.
e. Better than anybody. That's why I have to do it all.

2. FLY means...

a. Finally Loving Yourself
b. Frustrated, loud (and) yelling.
c. Fat, Lazy You
d. Feta, Lime and Yogurt (makes a great salad dressing!)
e. Never having to say you're sloppy.

3. The most important routine of the day is...

a. Evening Routine. Get ready for tomorrow today!
b. Coffee, yawn, coffee, yawn.
c. Breakfast, kids, yelling, clean-up, yelling and more yelling. (That'll learn 'em)
d. OMG it's the in-laws! Don't just stand there CLEAN something! (Too late!)
e. Supper, kids, yelling, homework, yelling, baths, more yelling, bedtime. TV. (grumble)

4. Wednesday is...

a. The middle of the week.
b. Not even CLOSE to Friday.
c. Er....what month is this?
d. Anti-Procrastination Day.
e. Named after Woden, the Germanic Deity of Wisdom,War, Victory, Poetry, Healing and Leeches (Good grief, in the same day?)

5. In the morning you...

a. Chuckle softly and roll over and go back to sleep.
b. Give your DH a jab with your elbow then roll over and go back to sleep.
c. Reach for your snooze button, knock over last night's water into the open drawer drowning the TV remote, a crossword, the latest romance novel *blush*, your medication, and three dusty Rolaids. Roll over and go back to sleep--you have all day, you can get to it later.
d. Get up, make your bed, do your hair, make-up, and dress to the lace-up shoes.

6. The first thing you do as a Flybaby is...

a. Roll over and go...wait...that was the last question.
b. Shine your sink.
c. Realize that in the bug world, a flybaby is a maggot. (Gross! Um...)
d. What was the question?
e. Go like blazes and try to do everything at once so you can start "Flying" with a clean house. Which causes you to
f. Crash and burn.

Award yourself 10 points for each correct answer: 1. (d); 2. (a) 3. (a). 4. (d) 5. (d) 6. (b)
Award yourself another 10 points for reading this far.
Subtract 8 points if you recognize yourself.
Add 7 points if you smiled.
Subtract 4 points if you cheated and looked at the answers! (Oh, for shame.)
Never mind the points! Just give yourself a huge hug and FLY.

(I've started my Control Journal.)

((If this lady wasn't so goddamned GODLY I might worship her.))

(((Seriously, it's CLEANING YOUR HOUSE, not BLESSING it. Frig.)))

But yeah, gotta give it to her. She might have totally saved my life.

Gimme 28 days. For real this time. I've written down routines so I can't forget them. EVER. And I can add to them whenever I want. In a binder that says CONTROL JOURNAL in huge letters on the front. And my apartment really isn't that fucking big, I should be able to handle this... as soon as I find my other pair of shoes...



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