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10:41 a.m. - 2010-10-22
Just recognize, not one gets out alive.
And this is why I get so fucking pissed off....


Are the kids going out for Halloween, do you need help taking them out?

I won't be able to manage much, with Dorian crashing at 6:30 like he does. Maybe you could come and take Julianne around for a bit at seven? It's dark by then, so she will be able to see the pumpkins (her favourite part) Maybe just around a block or maybe two, depending on how excited she is :) Let me know if that works for you.

I have to start my cleansing Sat. for an xray on Monday. I will be taking a laxative so I won't be able to. Would your Mom be able to put Dorian down? I wonder is you go out at 6 with both of them the fresh air will keep him a wake for a while so that Juianne can enjoy halloween. I would hate to see her miss it.


BECAUSE SHE WONT EVEN MENTION HER FUCKING SON!! Not a single bit dedicated to getting HIM to fucking help out. It's up to me and my mom to make sure Julianne gets out for Halloween. Why? because he's prolly out fucking drinking. OR working. Because he doesnt have any holidays left, he's used all of those days for fucking concerts. Or football games. Or just watching UFC.


Not even touching the fact that Linda's message is assbackwards and she sort of volunteers and then proceeds to tell me she'll be incapacitated.. and proceeds to tell me ALL THE GORY DETAILS OF HER COLONOSCOPY (which I have spared you! you're welcome!)

I swear to God this woman lives and breathes cancer.. shes so fucked up by her mom dying from it that now she tells me everytime any of her friends or their friends or family, people I dont know and will never know,
and she blathers on and on about their cancer history and how many tests they've had to go through..

HELLO you stupid cunt my mom went through this scope thing LAST YEAR.. MY MOM, who has HAD CANCER.
I know Patrick is a dick and doesnt care about you maybe having cancer but I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HIM. I can't care about someone elses mom as well as my own goddamned family.

Oh and that love and kisses part? Thats the FIRST TIME she has ever written an ending to something. In four years of emailing her, and talking to her on facebook. I understand that most people dont have computer literacy, but how many braincells does it take to treat it like a real letter?
or to just pretend we are having a conversation in real life?

After spending so much time with other people, she's so rude, and doesn't get it.

ugh. I KNOW you miss the kids, TALK TO YOUR GODDAMNED SON ABOUT IT. oh wait, thats right, he doesnt have a car, and watching football on sundays, so your Sunday plan of having the kids over doesnt work.

Im so so sooooo glad Im doing the lawyer thing. In six months, I'll be getting some child support to salve the bullshit insanity from working with these crazy people to keep them in my kids' lives. ugh.

14 more years until Dorian and Julianne can make up their own minds about all of this... ughughugh



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