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12:10 a.m. - 2010-10-24
tired eyes refuse to close and sleep in your defense
I'm not positive, (help me out here meggs) but I think it's been six years since I dyed my hair.....

yeah I stink like chemicals, and the conditioner they give you to cover up the chemical smell. Luckily, Dorian slept through it.. so im hoping HE wont smell like chemicals tomorrow.

Juli is at Nanas house. a surprise sleepover. Another petpeeve with her.. could she not give me some notice? so I could maybe get a sitter and i dunno go see a movie or maybe just sit in a coffeeshop and read? irrrrked.

Whatevs. Im a single mom so Im supposed to devote the next 18 years to my kids right? right. Except that makes for one crabbyassed mother...

Im trying not to be that person.

I really really REALLY like Marianas Trench. like really. They are my new before bed listen.

yeah its a lot later then I intended. I got reading again before I remembered I wanted to dye my hair tonight..

ohoh there's Dorian.. night all.



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