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12:14 a.m. - 2010-11-02
must. print. more. recipes.
Having my printer hooked up all the time is, uh, not good. Im printing like its 1999 and my dad's paying for the ink...

So, menu planning. Yeah. Cuz im tired of trying to think about what to feed the kids all weekend...

Dorian is pretty much eating table food. If I DONT give him whatever Juli and I are eating he gets PISSED. So. I just cut it up and let him go..

I skip the obv dangerous raw carrots and whatnot, other than that, he gets it! And I'm ignoring his lactose intolerance or milk allergy or whatever the fuck it is. Seems to be alright as long as he's on soy formula. He looooves mac and cheese..

I avoid giving him straight up cheese tho.. But Im not changing the meals to suit him.. hopefully this doesnt backfire and cause him to be lactoseintolerant forever..

Dave's convinced that the lactose free formula is the way to go..

Okay Stereomood just freaked me out.. they have the 'Whistle Stop' from Robin Hood, the disney version.. its the intro music.. I bought that movie for Juli a couple weeks ago.. Mostly because I was getting tired of the Princesses...

RELAX playlist is the roxors.

I should really be in bed. I don't want a repeat of this morning.

I need a life that caters to my nightowlness... preferably without the nagging cough.. I feel like Ive been sick forever.. but its only been a month..

I dont think we are getting rid of this cold until next spring.. Its the Round Two of the winter that Julianne was first at Patti's...

although I really hope there are no puffers in my (OR the kids) future. Those g'd things are EXPENSIVE.

back to menu planning. Im going to do this to see if I can plug my spending at $50 per week. Not including formula, obv. And preferably ONE trip to the store for shit. Because Dorian cannot be out in -3 degree weather.. his poor cheeks! I forgot the plastic rain thing.. I have to work on that tomorrow..

I got a gluegun that is mini, for two dollars at goodwill. The box of gluesticks was another 2 bucks.. Four total for a gluegun?! hell yeah.. Soo now I can glu all kinds of shit together, like the plastic 'rain sleeve' thing for the stroller.. so that it doesnt come apart and blow off in the wind.

And my badges, that I never sewed when I was ten. They are gettttting glued! And I dont rememebr what all of them represent, but I want to keep the badges/sashes until the next round of decluttering.

You know, its a lot like revisions.. you do one pass and get rid of the total garbage, and every pass gets rid of more and more, until your possessions are whittled down to things you love. In my case, it will take at least a year. Oct 9 2011. Thats the goal. Woo.

Im so tired.. night one and all.



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