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10:34 a.m. - 2010-11-02
hot stove
I'm saving this quote here, because I will need to read it again, and again, and again...

"As someone who grew up in a broken home, I think of it this way. Dead-beat parents are like hot stoves. A stove is an important part of the home, but it can be dangerous and children are going to try to touch it because it's warm. When they're young and vulnerable it's our responsibility to keep them away from it, sometimes forcefully and sometimes against their will, because they don't know how badly it can hurt them and we do. They may hate you for this, but it's for their own good. As they get older we let them watch how we handle the stove and show them how to keep a safe distance so that we don't get burned. But at some point they grow up, and we have to trust them to use it on their own. It's at that point that they'll either be as careful as we were, or they'll get too close and find out for themselves how much it can hurt. "

Sometimes I wonder why I wander around the internet when I'm not looking for something specific. And then I find something like the above quote and I realize I was looking for that. Now that Ive found it, I can go back to meal planning.

Ive decided on 14 suppers, two week rotation. Most of the recipes are for 4 servings, so I should have enough leftovers for lunches, and if there turns out to be too much, I can chop the recipes in half.

FUCK it's cold up here.. my hands are going numb...



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