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10:23 p.m. - 2010-11-07
I can't help it..

I fucking love this guy:

I forget how to make links so just copy and paste.

He's Swedish. He's cute as hell. He's musically gifted. He answers some pretty amusing questions on his 'Info' page.

And yeah. Everytime I get on his site (checking for his album, only to find out he's in school now damn him) I get on Youtube and listen to all his stupid videos... and don't go to bed when I should.

SO in conclusion. I'm seriously just a seventeen year old fuckhead girl that still has useless crushes on people. But I'm 'grown up' and 'adult'. Who fucking said this life thing was going to get better? I'd prefer to feel these hormones and stupid feelings in highschool, where there are counsellers for free, thankyou.

But no, Im left obsessing over someone an ocean and a life away.

Better then the alternative I s'pose. WHich would be falling into bed with soemthing I picked up downtown. *shudder*



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