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10:20 a.m. - 2010-11-09
because its earth shattering stuff, this.
fuuuck frostwire.. ugh.

I know Im infringing on copyrights but fer fucks sake you make money off of the CONCERTS the music is a sidebar...

and I cant go to concerts and have sworn off of buying cds (even tho I only buy the ones I fucking cant live without but that was too many) The kids load up ITunes and away they go..

Stop taking my downloading apparatus away damn you.

Im trying to download eight easy steps, even tho my comp is going to crash momentarily (we've hit the 60 min mark, anytime now it will ZONK and I'll have to unplug it manual style to get the various lights to properly shut off..

fuckin machine..

looks like Im gettin my laptop in the spring now anyways... after stereomood I just cant stand any blathering on the radio.. I want a laptop I can put on my sparkling clean CLEAR countertop in the kitchen.. because Ive gotten rid of enough clutter and Ive put away enough shit in the cupboards that I can actually USE THE COUNTER and not have to worry about getting splatters from making food on everything..


Dorian is refusing to nap again.. he yelled at me for thirty min, was quiet for thirty (I'll assume he slept then) and is now yelling at me again.

Discovered last night I can feed my tiny family on one chicken breast, a 1/4 cup of speg sauce and four slices of toast. oh and 1/4 cup shredded cheese.

After that little discovery, making meals in this place is going to get a LOT cheaper, and there won't be ten tons of leftovers in the fridge that I feel like I have to eat...

k im going before my comp loses this entry.



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