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12:54 p.m. - 2010-11-15
me + mechanicals = broken
I hate making calls. I hate calling a place where I know the guy who's answering is sort of deaf. I speak quietly, I dont knwo why I just do. AND I hate repeating myself. Bad combination.

Anywho. I did it. I called. Deafguy doesn't have time. So I've left a message with teh Honda service centre (who will have the parts anyway) and hopefully they will call me back with a yessss maam!

Then on Friday, Im pouring more money into my car. and Im really really hopeful that it will last until I get my tax return

OKay, DOrian's mad again, and Honda just called back. We're in business. woot. THey can prolly do the E-test too. sweeet.

Im having heart palps thinking about the money Im flushing into this stupid car.. but really something else would just break down too, beacuse thats what happens. I stopped driving moms car and its been FINE. so yeah.



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