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12:46 p.m. - 2010-11-16
Ive found my ring.

I thought it would be titanium, just because everything else looked too.. hnmm.. the same. BUT I found something I love, that isn't a tension setting.

Its a diamond engagement ring THAT'S WEARING ARMOR.

Fuck yeah. 2011 I'm making a ridiculous purchase. I'm buying myself an engagement ring. And it's worth more than my car.

I thought briefly about contacting the girl and asking her to hold it for me, but I will take it as a sign if it's gone by the time I get my tax return. AND I will pay her the $1000. Because it's a heirloom. And maybe I will just keep it in a box to look at, and maybe I will send it back to her to increase my karma.

Oh, Im not going to link the site, because there is a ring on there I want to get FOR YOU. It's not nrealy as much money an my armored ring. But I think you will love it anyways. It's vintage. And silver. That's all I'm telling you.

By the time I get my return, you will have forgotten all about this entry and I will send you this ring, and it will be the best day that you ever checked the mail!

hehe. I wish tax returns came before Christmas.
ps, don't you dare say anything about me not buying you this ring. I just found something for chase too, maybe. SO, they will be a late wedding gift. Because I didn't get you anything for your wedding and I feel pretty bad about that still.



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