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11:58 a.m. - 2010-11-18
So the goldfish. gah. Stupid thing.

My brother Ethan, got this tank for Juli last Christmas. We didnt ahve anywhere to put it, because there was no flat surface that I could keep Juli's hands out of...

Once we moved, I found I could put the tank on the counter. Its a tiny (2.5 gal maybe? It takes about a 12 cup coffee caraf, 2 FULL brita filter jugs, and 2L stainless water bottle, so, how much water is that? I have no idea)

ANYWAYS, we picked a goldfish. Juli named it Kiki Kella. (everything is either Kella or Jella. For Sept, all of her schoolmates were either Kella or Jella. Or Vivian. Because thats her BEST FRIEND.)

Ive been trying to keep this stupid fucking fish alive in this retarded cheap plastic tank. It is perfect for our tiny family, BUT it came with unclear instructions, and the fish is retarded. And the food is expiring shortly. And the instructions on the food made the water cloudy and I almost killed the fish feeding her too much.

She started off swimming in circles around the filter jet. Vertical circles. SO I removed alllllll of the plants, because I thought they were stressing her out. (she came from a big glass tank with no rocks, no plants, an about 1000 other goldfish)

That worked for a while, but now she has no where to hide. So shes back to being spastic, and trying to hide AT THE TOP OF THE TANK where the dark blue of the lid hides her, so whenever I look at the tank I freak out ebcause I think she's dead.

So it would seem I should get one of those rocks with a hole or a cave or something in it... FUCKING FISH.

We should have got the two tiny ones instead od the big one. I gave Juli the choice (STUPID) and we ended up with one big retarded fish. If she does die, Im getting two small ones.

Apparently goldfish can live up to twenty years. Ugh.

SO in order to help keep the tank clean, I sifted the rocks, getting rid of the smallest ones, and saved about 1/4 of all the rocks they gave in the box. toooo many for such a small tank, All the fishes poo was hanging out in the rocks..

So now, when I clean it, I should be able to get the fish out, dump the water into the strainer, rinse out the tank, clean the sides, and rinse the rocks. Toss the rocks back in, add the various jugs of room temperature water, a capful of that crap that keeps the fish slimy and the shit in the tap water from killing her and awaaaaay we go for another week!

I wish I could afford a Greyhound.. all I would have to do is let the damn thing out to poo. And buy truckload of food. ugh. at least water is freeeeeee.

I have a ton of laundry again. Mount Washmore. ugh. I hate not having a dryer! How the fuck am I supposed to dry sheets?? I bought a bunch of dollar store rope, so Im hoping I can make a sort of drying rack with that at the top of these stairs here, theres a banister that's pretty stable.. stable enough for a sheet or three... maybe. it holds my pants/shirts so it should be alright. and it should dry easy, there's LOTS of air flow considering my fingers are NUMB..

what else? Im one week away from starting back at work.

A mysterious deposit (Canada Provincial Payment, and its NOT the HST, cuz I get a paper for that, and this is the second time Ive had a depo this mysterious provincial payment) saved my ass, and now I'm alright even though Scotia didn't pay me this week.

I will have a normal paycheck on Dec 2nd then, which is cooool, but only because of the mystery 150 I got. 40 went to pay some of my lagging with Scotia, and theyve called me twice and written three letters.The fuckers. I'm going to WORK FOR THEM in a week. If they want all of their back payment so bad they should have fucking send me some money TODAY. gah!

My hours got approved, so I will be working 9:30 to 5:30, with a laaate lunch at 2:30 so I can haul Juli around.

Awesome. Mom has also agreed to help me get Juli to school in the morning. SO. I might be able to get to work by 9am!!

Hopefully this stays with Mom, I hope she stays on afternoons, because she can have lazy mornings, (which she needs) AND she can avoid her crazy boss AND she can help me, so that I mgiht be able to squeak out 9to5! Or maybe I'll bank the time for when I have to shovel out my tiny car from two feet of snow to go get Juli from school at 2:30... we'll see how .. easy they are on me when I go back...

Im slowly painting my nails, one nail a day. One layer a day. Im layering white and a subtle sparkly black. It's called midnight in new york. Its hard to describe a subtle sparkle but that's what it is. Mostly it just looks flat black.

Im discovering I have no schedule. Which is prolly why I get dizzy and want to fall down half the month.. because my body can't decide whether I'm supposed to bleed or not.

I'm still getting random days of cramps too. I should go see a doctor, but really? he's not going to say anything, and prescribe an iron vitamin, which will give me cramps. And cost money. So. Here I sit. Trying to remember what I should OH YEAH garbage day. OKAY off I go to take out the trash



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