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7:52 a.m. - 2010-11-20
The Plan
I feel better. The Plan is figured out. Dad doesn't know it yet.

The Plan:

Use Mom's car until my tax return comes back. She says she's supposed to be walking.. how she will walk when its -25 at night I don't know. So I will give her extra $$ for cab rides. And pay the gas. And hopefully help pay for whatever is making the engine light come on in her car. (Sidenote: If her car is fucked I'm going to destroy something in a rage. Maybe a chair.)

Back to the Plan: I'll be filing my taxes as sooooon as possbile, making up somethings if I have to. And once the tax return comes back I will be getting myself out of debt, Paying Mom(1500)/Dad(400)/Kris(60) back, AND THEN once it shows on my online banking that I no longer have a balance on anything I will go into the car dealership and talk about something brand new. An Accent or something. Hopefully between now and then I can find something cheap, with 4 doors, that's a manual transmission. Because autos make me want to shoot myself in the face, its x1000 more fun to drive a manual.

SO. That is The Plan. I figure I will have about a $2000 down payment left over after paying off my debts. And if my car is only 10000, that leaves $8000. which is $222 per month, for three years. AND that $222 is less then the payments I'm making to my various debts... SO. It should work out nicely. Especially once the FRO kicks in, and I start actually receiving CHILD SUPPORT.

Much better plan then trying to squeak something out right now, when I have only $300 to my name... and my bills aren't paid.

So, yes. I'll tell the parentals. And maybe once I have my own car, my Dad will stop trying to fix my life through a bullshit coach....



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