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10:35 a.m. - 2010-11-23
tilt o whirl
Dear Diaryland, do not eat my entries. That makes me crabby. And when you add crabby on top of what Im feeling you get crazy, so please, when I hit the done button this time LEAVE MY DAMNED ENTRY THERE.

so. My ovaries have turned to pinecones and Im hopped up on regular tylenol. Because I have some in the cupboard for some reason, even tho I need extra strength to combat the pinecones. It is not comfortable, and I feel a little loopy, so I can't take any more pills. ergh.

My credit is fucked. The cell phone shit from 2004 is apparently still on there, AND the late payments to scotia from the summer where they got cranky and called a collection agency is still on there. DESPITE the fact I go back to work for them TOMORROW. fuckers. AND? It's LESS THAN A THOUSAND DOLLARS! SO FUCK RIGHT OFF!

So, the car will probably not be in my name. It will probably be in Dad's name. Although how that works for the financing I have no idea, I might be making payments to Dad? Which would be COOL cuz then I could PAY IT OFF that much quicker with LUMP SUMS once a year from my tax return.

Dad will be in a meeting from 11-12. So naturally that is when the dealership will call me to let me know that I need my Dad's info, or that they need Dad to call them with all of his info.

I have to check my mail to see how much the insurance will be for this spanky new car...

BUT I got an extra week from EI, don't ask me how, I have no idea, but thats $300 extra. In my account. RIGHT NOW. So. I am okay for the next week, and I can make any kind of prepayment for the insurance, if needed.

OR to Dad, if needed. I could give him December's payment IMMEDIATELY. Wouldn't that be something??? for me to pay a bill BEFORE IT'S EVEN A BILL!

Yeah Im a little messed up, so many things to think about. TH elife coach told me I have a lot on my plate right now. UH yeah. that would be thje singleparent two kids, court date, returning to work, CAR, Christmas, ovaries trying to kill me, right? Did I miss anything?

k Ive stalled enough. Dland, do not eat this entry.



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