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9:38 p.m. - 2010-11-22
so goddamned excited...
I just signed $300 a month away... not inscluding MOFO insurance..

BUT I got a brand fucking new car out of the deal.... so.

NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU, but you get your butt carried around in semiluxurious style..

k, its just a black car.. ACTUALLY the colour is 'FLINT' because that's cooler then GREY or GRAY or LIGHT BLACK..

SO, my little Yaris, 2010 toyota. And his name is FLINT. Because I just decided. I will decide for real what his name is on Wednesday...

ITS A STANDARD. And I'm in looooove..

Oh and BROKE, really, truly, fucking broke.

If (hah, WHEN) I'm not approved, Dad is cosigning. I totally talked him into this car, it was the most expensive one we looked at, but it has the shortest term, and its 0.0% aaaand no down payment, (except Dad put $500 down) and he's going to help me with $100 a month, until I get my tax return / FRO gets to me with money from the sperm donor..

yeah. Im so fucking excited. Now. All I have to do is not crash the fucking thing...

yeah. Im scared. ITS BRAND NEW.. my god.

I'm so so sooo hoping I dont fuck this up. There's $305 in my account. And thats where its staying.

Ahh paranoia, nice to have you here. You of all things, will make sure I don't default on this fucker eh?

Constant vigilance. Constant creative accounting. 24-7. Enter meal plan. And never buying a coffee or anything to eat OTHER than the meal plan.

Its easy, get paranoid and channel your OCD into counting, constantly counting and calculating..

At the end? Four wheels, and RELIABILITY. fuck. I might actually relax now. I can see the damn light!!!!



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