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12:10 a.m. - 2010-11-27
and their car is in the laneway, so wtf do they need a floodlight for when they are SLEEPING INSIDE?!
You know, I think I've given up on the idea that maybe someday I will feel like a compatent(sp) parent...

Seems everytime I almost get there, something pops up that punches me in the face and I feel swollen and multicoloured.. and everyone is staring and whipsering behind my back..

Headlice are annoying. Not life threatening.. just a major inconvenience. For me. Juli doesn't care. I thought maybe she would be squeeked out about there being bugs in her hair, but apparently, she equates the words "There are bugs in your hair." to mean "There are butterflies and ladybugs in your hair."

Im trying really really hard to let her keep that illusion.

Ive washed her hair a bunch, NIX'd it, Olive oiled it, washed it again, conditioned the shit out of it, and didn't rinse all of the conditioner out yet (keep it good and 'dirty' to make sure the bugs can't hang on) and combed and combed and combed and combed...

I love my small hydro bill, but my back is KILLING from scrunching over a four year olds head trying to see the tiny fucking nits to cut them out..

Although to be honest, its not my fault the kitchen lights are total shit and no longer work. I have to call the landlord, but I don't want to talk to the landlady, so I havent made that call yet.

Its motherfucking FREEZING up here. gah. and I've put four layers on Dorian, because it's freezing in his room too. I keep forgetting to adjust the vent between his room and the livingroom, and I cant do it at night, it will terrify him out of a dead sleep..

He needs a real toddler bed.. with real sheets.. or maybe a convertible crib.. a sturdy as fuck one..

I've finally gotten his room cleared, so that when he breaks out of his travel crib it's safe..

I bought a vacuum yesterday too, so I can suck up the dust rabbits that are living under the travel crib..

Something that irritates me every. single. night. THe neighbours across the road (the one who manically sweeps her porch every day in the summer, and the sidewalk, the side of her house, etc etc) have a FLOOD light, which is also a motion sensor light, that illuminates their driveway, the sidewalk, the street, our front yard, the front of our house, my slice of the attic and my eyeballs. And it flicks on whenever there is a 'strong' breeze. And they leave it on. All. Night. Long.

Im debating asking Dad for his BB gun, so I can take potshots at it until I hit the bulb. I bet I can shoot it out every night, for a week before they call the cops.

I bet they won't ever turn the fucking thing off though.



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