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9:30 a.m. - 2010-12-04
ah okay
So Dorian is screaming today, his teeth are bothering him I think.. Im trying to get shit done but its not working...

I just want to record this: (cuz ya know at least he told his gf)

"I know what you mean, being social and keeping in touch is a lot of work, even without kids. The important thing is that you are there when he needs a friend. He told me that you sent him a letter, I am sure that must have really meant a lot to him because I think these past 7 months have been much harder on him than he is letting on, at least to me. I'll let you know a definate date as to when he is coming home when i know one."

She gave me his address too, his moms house, which she is selling (has sold?)

k dorian is really screaming i have to go...



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