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10:58 a.m. - 2010-12-06
sick kid, dramaqueen, and avoiding homicide
MY ENTRY WAS SAVED~! yes this is cause for another entry..

my computer crashed at the end of the last one, right when I was thinking of clicking the done! button, and looky, it was saved! I rebooted just now, and was able to click that glorious little button and save my almost midnight ramblings..

I'm at home today, and it FUCKING SUCKS. Dori has some kind of cold, but Im assuming its more of a cold/flu thing because he constantly wants to be held and randomly starts screaming his head off, deafening me.

Julianne is home from school, because she's a little.... five letter word, today. She was screaming this morning that she didn't want to go to school, so, being the calm and rational parent that I am, I called the school and told them as much.

Which resulted in more screaming and a full blown crying jag complete with hiccups, because, dammit, she WANTS TO GO TO SEE HER FRIIIIIENDS *cry**Scream**wail*

Needless to say, both kids have been screamy and whiny all morning. And alternately hates my guts for not letting her go to school and wants me to play pretend with her. Which I refuse to do, because either my head is pounding from the screaming sick baby, or I am holding said screaming sick baby.

She's sort of trying to help but she's just amking me more irritated.

I might maybe sortof have gotten through to her about the 'bad consequences when you lie' thing, I think she understands that the reason I called the school was because she told me she didn't want to go..

we'll see what happens tomorrow morning I s'pose.

9 hours until both kids are in bed...

Radvent 6 is about adventuring. I'm not at all in the mood for an adventure I just want to survive today intact, and hopefully not having committed murder.



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