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10:35 p.m. - 2010-12-09
stuffy and sneezy.. uhoh
I will keep an eye out for Dorian pulling on his ears.. or a more rabid fever.. so far it's going down with a normal double dose of tylenol (or advil) AND don't look at me like that, I HAVE to double dose it, otherwise it don't work on my tank of a kid!

I can't wait for the weighing part of his year checkup, so I can find out exactly how much poundage-wise Im hauling around for six hours a day...

My eyes and head seem to have sorted themselves out, or just gotten used to the fact that I have to stare at a screen for 8+ hours a day now.. hopefully I wont go back to being slightly seasick..

Theres an HST coming sooooooooon... sometime this month. Im fucking stoked. That means that I can still save for the horrorshow that will be Feb AND not have to have a horrorshow month NOW to do it! wee!

I have to try to avoid YouTube. It SUCKS the hours right down the drain until I raise my head and look around and there's light coming in my windows.. okay its not quite as bad as WoW, but still.. an hour wasted watching fucking ShayTard videos?! or that guy and his gf who vblog EVERY GD DAY of their useless lives and are now in the midst of shipping tshirts to hottopic?! yeah this is wghat Im filling my mind with.. stupid!

I thought an IGoogle homepage would be good. but I still have to sign into goddamned EVERYTHING so it's not good.

ugh, I need a comp that will save my ps and users on EVERY SITE so that I never have to type it in again... and make them ALL expire at the same time, so I can renew it once every 72 days and be done with it.. not every single time my comp crashes. ugh.

yeah its still crashing. Im debating getting a laptop. with the tax return money.. maaaaybe, but only if I can get a internet stick.

kk BED for real this time..



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