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11:22 p.m. - 2010-12-15
ps, Kris messaged me, shes had a hellish month too.. so.. all is naturally forgiven.

And she invited me to a new years thing at her place.

YEAH drunken mariokart!! hehe

aaand the court thing was intense.. specially since I was at the wrong goddamned courthouse for an hour... luckily, nothing happened during that hour but a bunch of waiting..

and when I finally texted Laura (because she works for a lawyer in town and would know) she sorted me out and I ended up sitting with Queen Charlotte!!!

Her court thing has been going on for 5 years... so yes I feel particularily blessed that my sperm donor is alllllll talk and no substance..

oh and I love TOXICITY... Ive been listening to your Ipod at work.. i looove how its the original version.. 1.0 and it still freakin works...

so yeah court was intense, just beacuse, its, uh court, and official and you have this terrible sinking feeling that you are actually in a nightmare and this is all going to go horribly wrong..

BUT the judge congratulated us at the end! for coming to an agreement so 'easily' !!

Nothing about this is easy.. but i guess there was no screaming, patrick didnt have a lawyer or contest anything, so it LOOKED easy...

I got a text from Patrick afterward, here it is and I will copy it from my phone:

"500 bucks a month just for opening your legs a couple times. Ridiculous."

Yes, like Im some drunken whore you fucked randomly twice and who made sure she got pregnant just so she could sit on welfare and take your money right?!

Cuz, you know, that's how easy it is to RAISE CHILDREN, they don't COST A GODDAMN ARM AN A LEG FOR EVERY SEASON...

I honestly don't know how he could say, at any point, that he knew me, or knows me, or make the claim that he's so fucking intelligent.

Honestly! This is STUPID!

If I wanted to take his money, I would have done it oh I dunno AFTER I MOVED OUT..

gah, i can't believe I thought he was the one and only..

You know what my second biggest fear is? That I won't be able to tell when someone honestly truly loves me... I'm afraid I will treat everything like a mind game...

but then again, I wont date someone Im not friends with... EVER AGAIN, so I guess that bit is moot.

kk so, demons, that implode.

That was my big scary idea whilst doing dishes.. I can seeeeee it. Its brilliant.

god i need to work on these damn cards



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