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10:51 p.m. - 2010-12-15
hm Ive forgotten about radvent
Pump up the volume on

Best soundtrack everrrrrrrr. 'Specially for writing out Christmas cards...

today was the deadline for that, and obv I blew it. But obv I haven't totally screwed it up, as I have a bunch of addresses...

Linda messaged me about Dorians birthday

"whats going on for Dorians birthday?"

uh, are you asking for the kids to come visit? are you inviting yourself to my celebration?

I suggested this Sat, and we'll see what she responds to that...

hah okay shes just stressed out for christmas, shes apparently shopping on saturday...

seriously people DONT SHOP IN DEC!!!! It just makes you crazy..

yeah so christmas cards.... thankgod facebook can tell me who's names should be on which... (example: Nash, and Danielle, are no longer on FB as a couple..... soo.. I addressed it to Nash and Family.. heh)

nothing says happy holidays merry christmas whatever like your ex being named in the card!!!



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