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12:39 a.m. - 2010-12-17
get to bed...

Seven hundred dollars. That's the amount I can save this month...

I looove Christmas... erm, not really. I just like that people give me gift cards I can actually fucking use..

and no the $700 isnt all from gift cards, less than $100 is from that.

Ive just figured out how to budget. a way that works!!!

It's exciting, after almost ten years fucking struggling along... and not understanding whyy I could balance acocunts at work but not my bills/paystubs...

Ive figured that if I round down my income to the nearest 100 or 50, and round UP my bills to the nearest dollar, I always have enough.

Even if Dorian is suddenly teething and needs $30 worth of painkiller in one week. Or Juli gets sick and need $40 of drugs to get her better.

DUDE. This is revolutionary. I will have enough banked, so that when my lawyer bill comes in, I'll be able to work out a payment plan with her!! And still put $400 down on the bill!

Im writing out christmas cards... michelle surprised me by telling me her and alex are living in a house and jay and jen are living in their own place. She also surprised me about being so enthusiastic about giving addresses and wanting mine..

maybe they aren't so ambivalent... I just wish that if they aren't, if they actually give some kind of a damn, maybe they could message me or something?!


Im going to Kris and Dave's for New Year's.. Im going to try to stay overnight, so at least I can get buzzed...

who knows. Im happy, hopeful. The future is so damn bright right now... I just gotta survive this winter..



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