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4:15 p.m. - 2010-12-18
Its bad when you think of facebook updates that are so so sooo not good: for example:
"Maybe if I snorted the coffee grounds the caffeine would kick in.."

"k help me out here: what do you do with a goldfish that is obv thisclose to death?"

my fingers are numb. I think my brain is still asleep. I have laundry to do, Dorian is 'tlaking' in his bed, so his nap is over.. Im diddling around on here, writing a message to nikki about how she shouls get in my car on the 31st and comewith me to the Stams...

i hope she does.. i miss her.

WTH, there is sunlight on my arm.... I wish i could show you a pic of my attic so you understand how completely random this is.. sunlight. from an attic window.. glaring across my arm/desk.. but only if I dont move my back in the way of it...

k LAUNDRY, come on, let's gooo..



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