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10:49 p.m. - 2010-12-19
i think about it all the time
So, you know how I know there's a period coming? Not because my cycle is regular or anything, no, because its not. Naturally.

SO, the way I know is that I get this HANKERING to STARE at facebook, look at people Im not friends with and either JUDGE THEM HORRIBLY by how much I can see of their profile/pics OR I look at people I used to be friends with and stalk their pics and wonder if they ever think of me...

Its been interesting. I think this nostalgia thing is going to kill me.

I went to my Dads Extended Family thing today. With Julianne. So I was free to actually make conversation for about half of the time I was there.

Some were genuinely interested, but had their own kids, so we couldnt really talk (cousins Lori and Ellen) and others couldnt have given less of a shit and didn't watch their kids either (LISA, god, once a cunt, always a cunt that one)

Anyways, saw a lot of the cousins I remember as LITTLE kids, like Juliannes age.. and now they are TEENAGERS.


yeah, Teenagers. Claire is FUCKING gorgeous.. like seriously Movie Star gorgeous... I cant even think of a movie star that I could compare her to at the moment.. She's got huge blue eyes and blonde hair.. but her eyes are totally proportional to her face.. I suppose.. if I could.. she would be the person they based SailorMoon on.. Facewize.. she's still just a young teenage everwhere else.. but god. Beautiful.

Matthew was frickin svelte.. and wearing a metallica(sp) tshirt.. Im pretty sure Ive changed that kid's diaper.. and given him bottles and lain him down for his nap..

Or I might have dreamed that part.. I had a LOT of vivid dreams about the house they live in.. It's on 6 acres of woodland.. with a little stream running through it. And the house is know the house in Twilight? the Cullens? YEAH, like that on the inside, but on the outside it just looks like a normal house, not an engineering architectural feat.

One thing tho, that family is DAMN ripe for character studies...

Like Im pretty sure Claire is my clair, Lucky. Just, uh, let her live on the street for a few years and build up some grime and survival instincts...

I might maybe base my Trick on Matthew.. because they are light to dark (he's got dark brown hair and chocolate eyes) sooo maybe..

I dunno.. damn kids keep fucking shifting ni my head and I can't nail 'em down yet..

Did I tell you? Rick asked about the book..

Honestly? THAT little tiny sentence "So, how's the book?" made me feel like a writer.



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