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10:46 p.m. - 2010-12-20
random messages make my heart happy
After 'liking' something, sometimes I get a message (like this about Serendipity) from Iain:

"yes i like serendipity, when im deepest in my doubts about finding love, i turn to that movie for solace. lol"

And that is why we can hang out at your wedding and talk like we saw each other yesterday.. because it feels like we did..

THAT is why I love the internet. And bits of facebook. Like the 'liking' thing, and the private message part.

And I think THAT is also why I'm surprised that the people I was so close to in high school don't seem to pay attention. Or notice. Or care? I dunno. Im obsesssssing and I can't fn stop...

I wanna know if Mark and Ash think they arent getting a card because I didnt message them for their address....

SEE this is why Im a perfect fit for a writer.. because Ive already made Mark adn Ash have conversations in my head where they are pissed at me for not sending them a card.. well Ash is sad and Mark is pissed..

I need to dive into my characters so I can forget about real life..

or maybe more zuma...



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