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12:52 a.m. - 2010-12-22
\"I'm not fucking well.\"
Im not very cheery or happy or anything. I hate Christmas.

Not the whole thing, but about 75%. So.

Lets forget about the things that make me batshit crazy during this particular week and make like those things dont exist in this plane of life we're flying in...

Christmas lights. Any kind. Doesn't matter. Although lighting your entire yard when you live in town? Really? I thought that was only tolerated in the country..
Twinkling is good, en masse flashing is not.

Im a christmas light snob! ah! maybe Im just prone to migraines and an entire yard of flashing lights BOTHERS ME..

OKay on to other things I like... uhhh...

Oh come on there's got to be more than that?! Oh the rampant chocolate at work.. the pissing and moaning about the calories we are all consuming.. as they get off their fat asses to get more..

Ya know, Im fat. I've accepted this. Iam slooowly dealing with my addiction to food and all things carbohydrate-like and I can respect people who want to eat healthy..

BUT If you really REALLY do want to do it.. dont PISS AND MOAN everytime you stuff chocolate in your face!!

Enjoy it goddamnit! Or leave it for ME!

And having your period the week before a holiday you don't much care for is making for some pretty black hateful thoughts enter my head at random moments.

Oh oh I thought of another thign:

That crazy roll-y eye thing people get this week, as they realize their only a few days away and they have to work and they arent done their shopping and they need these groceries and and and people stop focusing on anything but all tyhe shit they are surrounded with Desperately trhying not to forget the 42 things they ahve to do before Christmas Eve..

I'm going to try to save a day off next year, so I can spend it sitting in the mall.. watching the frantic crowds, on Dec 23.

I'll wander through, or sit with a book somewhere conspicuous and see how amny dirty looks I get..

K, painkillers have kicked in.. I think I can uncurl myself from the fetal position and go lie down now...

I sincerely hope that none of you, dear dlanders, are one of the people stuck out there in franticland.. and if you are, use the cart as a battering ram mmk?



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