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11:12 p.m. - 2010-12-22
Merry (el)fn Christmas!
So, yes. It's been decided. Next year, I will book Dec 23rd off, and I will park my ass in something comfy at the mall and pretend to read.. whilst sippin whiskey (I just typed 'shiskey' ha) from a flask, and wearing a shirt that says "It's ONE FUCKING DAY, get over yourselves!"

Orrr maybe a sign, on a stick? you know that those crazy religious people seem to carry around everywhere... and the doomsday ones.. you know. I can prop the stick part in my elbow and rest the stick part on the ground. and I can time how long it takes someone from the Mall to kick me out...

Im also going to put together a budget 6 months in advance.. and then spend those 6 months looking for PERFECT presents.. Not because thats what you do, but because I have been completely lax in the present department for the past uh pretty much ever since I moved out when I was 18.. so yeah.. almost 9 years. And really I do appreciate my family and want to give them soemthing that will make them smile or somethjing they will use and think happy thoughts.

I think my Karma is a little off kilter from the 9 years of receiving and only a tiny bit of giving..

I just feel like shit getting presents for everyone, at Dollarama.. So I've skipped getting a shitonne of useless cluttery crap.. and Im going to try and find perfect presents.. next year.. when I can afford it.. and you know I have a lot of time at work to brainstorm about this stuff.

I'm probably not going to be back here before Christmas night (when I will be drunk and playing internet games, because I won't have the kids WEE! hah)


Happy Fustercluck, my darlings. Merry New Year and Happy Christmas. And Holidays too, if that's your persuasion.. even tho I think Im late in wishing all the people celebrating 'Holidays', but uh happy belated?

OH I thought of one more thing I like about this time of year.. Choirs. I prefer the really traditional churchy christmas stuff... the stuff with a lot of harmonies that can sound AMAZING..

thats one thing I miss about being in church every week, the music.. Not that it was fantastically good, ebcause it usually wasnt.. or maybe I just miss hearing my dad sing.
Voices singing together makes my heart happy..
Notice the plural there in that last sentence.. a 4 year old belting out Rudolph for the 6th time in a row DOES NOT COUNT!

Oh and by the way, my Dad is getting old, and my Oma is goddamned ancient.. she's getting a new hip in Feb.. she looked pretty good at the christmas gethering.. but I couldnt help noticing how old my Dad looks.. and just the way he walks sometimes I know he's in pain..

THat kind of thought path gets locked away pretty quick, kind of like the thought of my kids.... yeah can't even finish the thought..

But Mom? hm. Guess cuz she had cancer I've looked that in the face? Or maybe because I lived with ehr for so long once I became a responsible adult (ha) I can see her wearing down more slowly.. Dad I only see once in a while and in my minds eye he's still just turned 38, not 48? 49? I really hope I didn't miss his 50th...ugh i can't remember.. i'll have to ask Antoinette..



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