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11:57 p.m. - 2010-12-25
which one do you feed?
Had a nice chat with A tonight, made her Christmas by calling her..

I wondered why she wasnt at my dads house. apparently Heidi "doesnt feel comfortable with her around"

Um, yes, so. Apparently Heidi is exhibiting some EXTREME and similar behavior to some one I just took to court...

Alienated from friends? uh yeah BIG check, dad hasnt had a friend outside of A in years that wasnt connected to Heidi's Enterprise..
Alienated from family? Check! he's so busy with her Enterprise that he barely has time to visit, or for us to visit him..

She's successfully kept Dad busy enough that he doesn't have time for anyone.. but her. And all of 'her dreams' slash emergency headaches when she 'just can't deal with anyone else'

argh. Okay. Here, Universe, sit down. Let's have a little tete a tete..

If this woman kills my father, through exhaustion or a heart attack or a stroke, I'm buying baseball bat. Do you understand, universe?

I just hope he's strong enough to cut the bitch off.

ergh.. someone remind me why A and Dad split?? OH YEAH NO DAMN REASON AT ALL..

Im glad I remembered my big girl pants and called her today.. Called Dad too, in case you were wondering, but he didn't have his phone handyby, and he called back a couple times while I was on the phone with A, and then when I tried him again the phone was off.

So apparently... I am the spitting image of my Father? In every way?!

myyyy... so.. The next time I find a keeper I WILL KEEP HIM! I wont let him get away the way my Dad let A go....

eerrrrgh.. So remember the Christmas that my fam went out to visit A and I stayed home.. cuz I had to work and also because I knew Ceej needed a place to have Christmas?

Yeah.. you know what made my Christmas this year? CJ left a message on my facebook that wasnt song/movie quotes. And I promptly smothered him with two messages.

Goddamn Im needy.

k so, Movie: Pathfinder.

Quote of the movie:

Starfire: There are two wolves fighting in each man's heart. One is Love, the other is Hate.
Ghost: Which one wins?
Starfire: The one you feed the most.

I looove that. I know CJ will like it too.. he likes that kind of crap.

I still have a book for you. I think Ill give the other copy to Holly..

I want to give the Cal Leandros series to CJ.. HIS BIRTHDAY, holycow that might work perfectly....

k kids, merrymerry.. the best Christmasses are the ones spent alone.. not entirely per se, but a quiet apartment is amazing.

Kids come home tomorrow, barring any medical emergencies..

Needy and Paranoid.. yupyup.



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