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11:46 p.m. - 2010-12-26
ohhh god
This entry is brought to you by the International Jurassic Park Erotic Fan Fiction Writers Association...

Found out that one of the Aunts from the other family I used to have is published in a few magazines.. and also has a few cards bearing her quotes on the inside (Hallmark, no less)

Apparently I should be asking her for advice, instead of reading a Stoker award winner that can't write dialogue to save his goddamned life...

And the book is over 400 pgs... Its the third in the series and so far the majority of the other two books have been sumarized in paragraphs spoken by minor characters.

UGH! The story is BRILLIANT.. except Im not a fan of people finding out about vampires and barfing all over, but hey, you do horror your own way.. my shit will be different because all the screaming and being knocked unconscious stuff gets old, quick.

There's a kid who's a dhampyr, the mythology is all fucked, which is good, weres die and become vampires after that, there's different 'races' of vampire, or species I s'pose is the better word..

I got almost the whole To Do list done this morning.. 15 min intervals. It was a Crisis cleaning.. so 15 min in each room. Luckily my apartment isnt that big, so even if I was doing a detailed cleaning it still wouldn't take me much longer..

I can't wait until I have time every two weeks to devote to keeping up with housework...

kk dorian's screaming again.. and im gonna go skim that big wordy useless fucking book to see how it ends..



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