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11:11 p.m. - 2010-12-27
robin laid an egg

I'm not sure if its the B12, or the happenings.. did you see the comments on my wall???

like, three, err two and a half in ONE WEEK. holy shit.

We might actually be friends again.. and now he wants me to go to Tias' for New Years...

so yeah, i would love to go, except for Patrick drama. I really REALLY dont want to stare at his I Hate You face all night. Or hear him make snide comments.. All. Night.


I dunnooooooooo... guess I'll pass the word on to Kris and Dave and Amy and Rick and see what the word is there.. we can always go for dinner and a bit and then beat it back to the stams for the rest of the night.. maybe.. i dunno

I want to get drunk tho. hmmm the last time I was hammered was................................ your party/wedding. July.

God I feel old.

HOLY SHIT Tias emailed me... so did Marco. Geez.

k so. I still dont know. Im going to email CJ back and let him know about the drama, so he doesnt think Im blowing him off.. because Im waaaay worried about that now that we're friends again..

yeah. So about the B12, have I mentioned? oh who cares:

My mom has a B12 vitamin deficiency, and B12 is a major element in blood uh, building. So you feel like you have a iron deficiency plus a bunch of other things that apparently Ive beeen bitching about to mom lately hah

ALSO it comes in pill form, BUT the people that have this hereditary deficiency thing cant break down the vitamin in pill form, we need a liquid that goes right into the blood stream.. so the meltaway strips have finally replaced the expensive once a month needle SO to make this long story longer Im taking a minty breath strip each morning and I feel (mostly) like goddamn superwoman. As long as I avoid heavy doses of carbs. (basically any pasta, or multiple bread slices)

SO. yes. Either CJ talking to me again sort of reminicent of old times OR the B12 is making me awesoem in a box.

Now I just need to figure out new years...



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