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11:57 p.m. - 2010-12-30
Mom's blurring on about the supper on Sunday.. apparently I can't stay out all night tomorrow.. because she has to have supper ready on Sunday night.....

.................. she needs more than 24 hours to cook supper?

ERGH. Tried to talk to her about it. Offered my help several times with every single freaking thing she is making (meatballs, 5 layer salad, rice krispie treats etc etc)

She finally admitted the meatballs are the frozen kind, and she is sticking them in the slow cooker... (and really how long does it take to make goddamned rice krispies in a 9x11 pan?!)

SO Im angry. Slow cooker has to be done SUNDAY morning, Rice krispy thing has to be done on SUNDAY.. Im not exactly sure what the fuck this has to do with me staying out until 9am... on SATURDAY.

Convinced her to sleep in my bed "until I come home". So technically, I don't have a bed to come home to.

IT'S ONE NIGHT. please god I know she's a recovered alcoholic but IM NOT.. can she not give me on night?? I know she's old and tired and her bones hurt, but its not even twenty four hours.. im probably going to be home within 15 hours of leaving the house, quite possibly still blowing over. So I hope there isn't a RIDE program between Gadshill and home.... because my none of my sitters will give me enough time to let it soak out of my pores the morning after..

Ugh. I jsut HATE IT when people offer to do something like babysit and then are all waffly about it like fucking pricks...

And its not like I don't come home again until 2pm (although REALLY she's not going to do fuck all with the dinner, she is going to sit in her apartment ONE FLOOR below me and my tired hungover self and she will be SITTING ON HER ASS ON THE COMPUTER..)

ok Im irrationally mad about this now..

I should really write up the proposal for Linda (patrick) to have notice of.. so that I can actually have a couple ngihts a month (!!!!) starting in a couple weeks.. then maybe I wouldnt get so resentful of my babysitter...

or maybe I just dont know how to beg a recovered alcoholic to let me go out for a night to get smashed?

haha there's a Dear Abby situation for sure...

Is it sooo bad that I want to get hammered with my friends and forget about the screaming monsters that are my children? Actually have meaningful conversation ADULT CONVERSATION with people I want to hang around?

I fucking promised to help with the damn dinner too.. christ. And my brother and his wife should be here on Sunday, which means I will have the ability to help in the kitchen, as they can goo at my kids and make sure they dont stick keys into sockets or anything..

UGH. I should really plan this in advance.. like book my mom on New Years Eve for all eternity. Kind of like the summer weekend party...

k so ive lost and recovered this entry once already, lets not push it here..

alright im going to bed.. hopefully to sleep and NOT THINK ABOUT THIS ANYMORE..



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