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10:51 a.m. - 2011-01-03
off to see th wizard, the google wizard of oz I'm not the one who's in your face, and I'm not the one who's kissing your ass, and I don't make things seem more than they appear, but that doesn't mean that I'm not still here...

..stolen from Laura, because that is amazing, and sums it up perfectly.

Been watching that toy story 3 movie, its the over and over again one right now. It ends and Juli has figured out how to get a DVD going again, so she does. Over and over.

I havent watched it from start to finish all the way but Ive seen most of it, and the part in the landfill? Yeah that ALWAYS makes me tear up..

That whole ending part, really. Probably because I am such a sentimental sap and cant let go of friendships that got me through a lot years ago..

I'm hoping babysteps will get this attic mess cleaned out.. er, up. Im still gathering things and trying to group them together..

Got another shitload of Christmas stuff from Linda.. because apparently blue is not the colour for next year ?

I don;t care, most of it is utter crap anyways, but some of it might save me money when I get a real tree next year.. Or a taller fake one. Depends on how much of a little shit Dorian is going to be next year..

Im not looking forward to going back to work.. routine is good, but Id rather be independently wealthy. I imagine you feeel the exact same way..

Ive got a cold that is a half step away from killing me.. so far it is just kicking my ass a number of different ways, but Im not unconscious yet. And Im not swallowing cold meds by the handful either. I save that nonsense for my time at work with the ringing phone and the coworkers yelling into their ringing phones...

And I should really be getting on this meal plan business.. I need meals that can be prepped and cooked in 30 minutes. OR can be prepped in the morning (or night before) and cooked in 30..

Basically I get home at 5:30, I need 15 min to settle the kids in and get the shit unpacked from the car, so then I have from 5:45 until 6:15 before Dorian starts screaming in the livingroom, because he's hungry or he just wants to be in the ktichen with me....

And the kids wont eat slowcooker meals every night, and they wont eat cassaroles every night. Basically, if the ingrediants to a meal are all in one dish, they don't like it. FUUUUU..

I cant wait until they are older and I can just make something and if they dont like it they can make their own.

Oh yeah I talked about getting a dishwasher last night, and was mocked by my mom, and my grandma. My grandpa told me I better be prepared to wash all the dishes when they come out cuz "the damn things don't really clean!!"

And people wonder why I don't care to see my family all the time. Or even at holidays.

I proceeded to tell them about the portable ones that are 18 inches that clean a 4 places setting of dishes, and the ones that are countertop that clean 4 place setting of dishes, and the different makes and models and how they are owned by three parent companies, etc etc.

Mom conceeded first, since I have actually done research and this isnt just a RANDOM $600 expediture.. Cuz I have so many expensive snap purchases................. right.

Ive given up on my gparents. They still think I bought my car in Goderich, because Stratford "Doesnt have a real Toyota Dealership, it's just that Stockie place."


You know, I used to think they knew more than me, and were wise and shit. But fuck, the older I get, the more I realise it's all bullshit. Or just refusing to hear what someone else is saying.

oh I don't think I mentioned, my desk at work is giving me carpal tunnel syndrome.. pins and needles and burning OH MY.

Maybe I wont get a dishwasher, maybe I'll get a new desk and chair for up here.. wont help me at work, but I can get braces and shit from the company for the next three years. er. two and a half. Dorian will be almost four when he starts school..

Thats the timeline. Ive got two and a half years to get fucking brilliant and when both kids are at school, then I will start finding an agent.

Now Im going to go see if 2.5 years of carpal tunnel will ruin me for life...



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