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10:34 p.m. - 2011-01-04
8 things to do before you start your novel.....
1) Sharpen your pencils. You can never have too many. Check all drawers in the house to be sure you get them all.

2) Organize your files. You may need access to past research. Create an alphabetical and chronological cross-index for efficiency.

3) Skim the dictionary for any words you might not know.

4) Call your mom. Unresolved family issues can cloud a writerís judgment. Do siblings and cousins while youíre at it.

5) Lose 15 pounds. Youíre going to be sitting a lot.

6) Trim toe nails. Youíll get holes in your socks if you donít!

7) Whatís that sound? Is a faucet running somewhere? Better go check.

8) Get a good nightís sleep. Youíll think more clearly in the morning.



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