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5:58 p.m. - 2011-01-12
as long as it's about me
Say my name, and his in the same breath, I
Dare you to say they taste the same,
Let the leaves fall off in the summer
And let December glow feel flames

Brace myself and let go,
Start it over again in Mexico
These friends, they don't love you
They just love the hotel suites, now

I don't care what you think
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery

Oh, take a chance, let your body get a tolerance,
I'm not a chance, but a heat wave in your pants
Pull a breath like another cigarette,
Pawn shop, I'm trading 'em (trading 'em)

I'm the oracle in my chest,
Let the guitar scream like a fascist,
Sweat it out, shut your mouth,
Free love on the streets, but
In the alley and I ain't that cheap, now

I don't care what you think,
As long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness
In misery

Can't stop listening to this song right now.. I apparently love Fall Out Boy, Im reading lyrics, and discovering I have songs on my Ipod that I didn't know was them... interesting.

The lyrics are goddamn amazing...

Yeah this superficial song is my anthem for 2011.. or at least for the beginning of it.. Im sure I'll get obsessed with something else shortly..

Im still listening to Eminem in teh car, even tho its beginning to get on my nerves a little. By that I mean the few songs Ive overplayed in the car are starting to get annoying, the other songs are still alright. Some of the beats smack my brain around and I hate that..

On late shift tonight, and I have FUCK ALL to do... ugh. Just one report that I need to listen to mt Ipod while Im working on it so I dont fall asleep.. but that measn I dont hear anyone around, or the phones.. which gets me in trouble.. so UGH..

Paid my lawyer some money today.. goddamn is it March yet?? Im sick of being broke..

might have to look up the FRO and find out if they have a timeline for how long this shit takes exactly.. not that I dont trust my lawyer.. I would just like them to come through quicker dammit..

Linda is being surprisingly good about taking the kids every other weekend... except during trailer season.. thank christ I live in Canada and not some permanently sunny place....

anyways.. Full weekends will start in FEBRUARY bitches!

And then Kris will tell me she envy's me and I will stab her in the face... no not really. I will just sit there and stare at her.. because she DOES NOT KNOW what she has, and DOES NOT KNOW what it would be like to raise kids ALONE.. and I dont know what it's like to raise kids WITH someone, so I cant say shit back to her despite having a TON of things to snap back with.. I wont tho, not unless Im real intoxicated but that never happens..

Ive had a hard time at work today.. my brain keeps fading out into the Book World and then I have to snap back to reality. Unpleasant, to say the least.

K Im off to read you lovelies and then I s'pose I will work... ugh.

I can't see a single other human being from my vantage..... and I can see across the goddamned floor.. creepy..



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