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6:26 p.m. - 2011-01-12
sarah palin is an idiot
Oh and a little something that's been seriously pissing me off:

You can't blame Marilyn Manson, and metal music in general, paint them all black and demonic and a terrible influence on society for the Columbine shooting..... and then, in turn, fly the Freedom of Speech flag when someone suggests that YOU are responsible for a gunslinging loony in the same way metal music caused those kids to loose their heads.


Either words have an effect, OR they don't. YOU CAN'T CHOOSE DEPENDING ON WHO IS TALKING. Motherfucking IDIOTS.

Yes the tripe you spill every goddamned day all over your News, and your blogs, and websites and books and everyfuckingthing else MATTERS. Fucking GUN TARGETS, and talking about reloading.. Christ, have you never ever looked at the average IQ of the people that vote for you?? Those that believe the bible LITERALLY? Did it not ever cross your mind that one of them might believe YOU literally as well?

Ugh. The world is full of stupid people.. but it's hard to remember that when the USA seems to have a serious number of them squawking 24/7.



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